Affordable Housing

Maya has a clear set of priorities starting in 2020 to promote affordable housing access to families in Aurora and beyond. Affordable housing fulfills a basic human need for shelter, but quality structures that stand the test of time also contribute to the well being and prosperity of all Coloradans. Our state lags in 43rd place in affordability in the U.S.


Big growth for small business.

As a single parent, Maya understands the challenges working families face in Colorado. Maya supports a free and fair business climate that ensures livable wage jobs and economic opportunity for all Coloradans. Small businesses are a vital part of the economy as a whole, and their success is essential to Colorado's economic growth and prosperity.

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  • Healthcare

    Health care is a human right not a privilege. Coloradans should not have to worry that they do not have enough money to afford care.

  • Economic growth

    Let's work to create opportunities in public contracting for small businesses, minority-owned businesses, veteran and women owned businesses.

  • Criminal Justice

    Criminal justice reform must incorporate every aspect of the criminal justice system, including what we choose to criminalize

  • Education

    Colorado is ranked 51st in teacher pay when the District of Columbia is included. We must take the time to take care of the people who teach our children.