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Maya Wheeler's Platform for a Better Colorado

With years of community advocacy under her belt, Maya knows winning is just the beginning. Together with Aurorans, Maya will be a servant leader who listens and engages with HD41 to ensure your priorities are the legislature's priorities. The change we need to see starts locally, and that means running a community-driven campaign with your help, insight, and support. Below is the core platform for Maya's campaign. Join Team Maya today and add your voice to our campaign priorities.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing fulfills a basic human need for shelter, but it also contributes to the well being of all Coloradans. Our state lags in 43rd place in affordability in the U.S.
If elected I commit to…
  • Work to increase the supply of affordable housing in Colorado through the development and adequate funding of affordable housing programs.
  • Raise the Colorado minimum wage to a livable wage.
  • Oppose arbitrary or burdensome conditions placed upon affordable housing construction that is truly affordable for our state’s working families and otherwise conforms to state and local zoning and environmental regulations.
  • Create legislative initiatives to provide foreclosure relief to borrowers who were the victims of unscrupulous loan brokers or unethical financial services practices.

Quality, Accessible Healthcare

Health care is a human right not a privilege. Coloradans should not have to worry that they do not have enough money to afford care.
If elected I commit to…
  • Support universal comprehensive health care and health coverage for all Coloradans regardless of income or employment status that includes mental health and substance abuse counseling and treatment, and prescription drugs.
  • Expand and strengthen respite care and in-home support services.
  • Fight to eliminate ostensible denial of coverage by eliminating insurance company and/or government interference in medical decisions, which should be between patients and health care providers.
  • Invest in education, incentives, and other means to prevent disease and promote healthy living.
  • Support the reinstitutition of "no fault" automobile insurance coverage for medical expenses.
  • Support the Increase of the availability of shelters and programs for victims of domestic violence.

Education for All

Colorado is ranked 51st in teacher pay when the District of Columbia is included. We must take the time to take care of the people who teach our children. I will work to repeal the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) to support Colorado teachers and to ensure all children have access to the resources they need in the classroom that will prepare them to live, work, and thrive in a highly connected world.
If elected I commit to...
  • Advocate for school policies that maximize instruction time and minimize chronic absenteeism.
  • Establish a system of school accountability, including information for all stakeholders, rigorous and achievable expectations for students and educators.
  • Ensure all students have access to school counselors and nurses and increase the capacity of school-based health centers.
  • Seek to end zero-tolerance policies that criminalize student behavior, and instead, develop school discipline reforms that encourage counseling, education, and positive behavior.
  • Require schools to provide a safe environment where students are free from bullying and harassment and do not feel threatened.
  • Advocate for tuition-free public 2 year college and vocational schools for all Coloradan, because a college-educated workforce without debt is vital to Colorado's future.
  • Support adequate financial aid programs so that no student pursuing higher education is overburdened by debt and support financial aid for students pursuing an apprenticeship or trade school in a manner that is equitable to students pursuing college or university.
  • Support increased state funding of Colorado’s higher education institutions.

An Economy that Works for Everyone

As a single parent, I understand the challenges of the working class in Colorado. I support a strong economy and business climate that creates livable wage jobs and economic opportunity for all Coloradans. Small businesses are a vital part of the economy as a whole, and their success is essential to Colorado's economic growth and prosperity.
If elected I commit to...
  • Encourage the sustainable growth of small businesses, which serve as the backbone of Colorado’s economy.
  • Work to create opportunities in public contracting for small businesses, minority-owned businesses, veteran and women owned businesses.
  • Support the rights of all employees to organize, select a bargaining representative of their choice, work in a safe environment, and be free from intimidation and retaliation.
  • Encourage an investment in Colorado’s transportation infrastructure in a way that will support the state's growth through the 21st century and beyond.
  • Support policies that prevent homelessness, lift at-risk individuals, families, and the working poor out of poverty so that they can become independent and lead self-sufficient lives.

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform must incorporate every aspect of the criminal justice system, including what we choose to criminalize; the practices and behavior of law enforcement professionals; charging, sentencing and bail; treatment of those incarcerated; diversion and rehabilitation, and reintegration of formerly incarcerated individuals into society.
If elected I commit to...
  • Support the elimination of racial and economic disparities within the criminal justice system and to ending mass incarceration in Colorado prisons and jails.
  • Oppose criminalization of people who commit low-level offenses related to homelessness or mental illness by directing them to public health and housing services, rather than resorting to arrest.
  • Support balanced funding for public defender and district attorney agencies so that the promise of a constitutionally adequate defense is realized.
  • Support investment in proven strategies to prevent crime, including providing structured preschool and afterschool programs for youth, as well as programs and policies to promote school retention and graduation and effectively end the school to prison pipeline.
  • Support the implementation of de-escalation policies and practices rather than resorting to physical restraint – particularly aggressive restraints.
  • Support laws that will hold enforcement officers accountable for misconduct, including dismissal where appropriate.